Keeping a traveler amused in Covid times. It’s a challenge! Warsaw caves

Most days my sister and I walk at least 5 km, usually on our lightly trafficked, dead end road. The other day we got carried away and went around the block.  That’s about 10km.  It breaks up the day, is good exercise and gets us outside.

Today was likely the last day of temperatures over 20 degrees and WAY too nice to spend indoors doing bookwork so Anita and I decided to do our walk in Warsaw Caves conservation area.  It had been years since either of us had visited and it’s only 50 km away.

The park is officially closed so you must park outside the gate and walk in.  We headed towards the campground and found a trail so started with the Limestone plains trail.  It’s a flat trail of 3.7 km that traverses fascinating limestone rock, bush and forest.  Other than a few tripping hazards the trail is very easy, although it’s labeled moderate.

I recorded the hike on all trails but didn’t start till we were almost finished the first hike.

Link to All Trails map

Anita just about stepped on this little guy. Good thing he was quick!

You can hear the underground river here

We met a few other hikers but for the most part, the park was incredibly quiet.  Next we found the Kettle and look out trail.  The caves trail was closed due to covid but the other trails are just as interesting.  There were lots of rocks and tree roots to climb over and enough hills to make it a decent work out and keep the hike interesting.  The woods are gorgeous with massive, moss covered rocks everywhere.  At one point you pass some holes and caves where you can hear a river running underground.  The view from the lookout is gorgeous.  On the way back we sat for a bit and chatted with a park warden who told us a bit about how the geology of the area was formed.  We live in a fascinating area!  There are so many different ways the glaciers left an impact.  Every park is different.  Let’s explore!

2 thoughts on “Keeping a traveler amused in Covid times. It’s a challenge! Warsaw caves

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