A taste of the Netherlands

A long stop over in Amsterdam meant time for exploring so by 7 am we were waiting outside the tourist office where we bought train tickets and a pass for the hop on, hop off canal boat ride.  The train station is right at the airport and very easy to navigate.  The boat wasn’t as easy to find, especially when you go out of the BACK of the train station rather than the front.

After a delightful, although not nearly long enough, boat ride we found the return train to the airport and sat waiting to go.  The train was suddenly quiet. Then the announcement that the train was having issues and needed to be restarted. We could wait or go to 13 a. So we raced for the other train as we had a plane to catch. Thankfully security wasn’t too badly backed up at the airport and we made it with time to spare.

img_4078_pe img_4074_pe img_4063_pe img_4082_pe

That looks like fun candy

That looks like fun candy

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