A taste of Austria. Vienna, a jewel of a city. 2 days is not enough

The previous post is here: Prague and Český Krumlov, Czechia. Bohemian treasures

For this part of our European adventure we’re taking a tour with G Adventures. There are 13 of us on this leg. We’ve got people of all ages from many different places and they’re a fun, relaxed, interesting and just plain nice group of people.
Tuesday, April 26, 2022 We left Český Krumlov in a private van and drove the windy roads to the highway to Vienna. The scenery was gorgeous. Spring has been taking it’s time arriving. The leaves on the trees were just coming out. We drove past beautiful rolling hills of farmland with pastures, wheat fields and canola just starting to bloom in all it’s yellow glory

We arrived at the Magdas hotel, checked in and dropped off our bags. Magdas has an interesting story. Read about it here and stay here yourself next time you’re in Vienna: https://www.magdas-hotel.at/en/hotel/5-reasons/. The breakfast buffet is AMAZING.

The subway took us to the Naschmarkt where we split up and found some lunch before doing a walking tour with Walter. He was very entertaining. Sue, Shelly and I went to the National library as per Walter’s recommendation right away before it closed. He was right. it was worth it. For dinner we decided to skip the main course and go right to desert and found ourselves a fancy ice cream.

Wednesday after filling up on an amazing breakfast buffet at Magda’s, 4 of us walked to the subway station. 2 trains later we arrived at the Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien (Museum of fine art) which we had decided on since the forecast for the day was rain. We all spent several hours on our own enjoying the beautiful building and wealth of amazing exhibits before meeting back up again.

We split into pairs after that with Keith and I heading to St Stephan’s as I wanted to climb the tower while he opted to hang out and “people watch”. Always entertaining but especially so in Vienna. I climbed the 343 steps up the circular staircase and enjoyed the view up top. I had to take it slow going down as I found myself getting dizzy!

Next we all met back up again in a cafe where we all tried Viennese desserts like apple strudel, plum strudel, quark (like cheesecake) and Sachertorte with coffee.
We said goodbye to the other 2 and Sue and I wandered the city some more. It had turned into a beautiful day. For dinner we went to the Naschtmarkt where we chose some cheeses, olives and other treats from a deli, brought them back to eat.

Time to move on to Budapest

3 thoughts on “A taste of Austria. Vienna, a jewel of a city. 2 days is not enough

  1. A wonderful city.
    When Jane and I were there we had not gotten around to arranging accommodations, so we ended up pitching our tent in a city park near the train station. Then caught the early the next morning as commuters rushed past our tent to get to work. The things you do when you’re in your early 20’s.


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