Croatia part 2. Zadar, Ugljan island and Preko. The European Adventure continues

Sue and I have finished our G Adventures tour and Wendy has joined us for a couple of weeks while we explore Croatia and Slovenia.
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Monday, May 16, 2022

Our host at the Marco Polo was kind enough to allow us to check in early so we had the afternoon to explore Zadar. The old part city was a short walk just over the bridge and is different from Dubrovnik and Split. The fortress is now a beautiful park full of huge trees which is unusual in Croatia. The old city is a mix of old and new and it’s obvious UNESCO has no input here. We found the sea organ and sat listening to it while enjoying the view and people watching until the sun salutation started. Both are fascinating! Read more about them here:

Tuesday. We’d spent the previous day wandering and figuring out what to do with our one day in Zadar. We’re all tired of tours but wanted to see an island so we boarded the ferry to Ugljan island. Once in Preko we walked to Kali where we found a tourist office. The nice lady there told us about some hikes we could do and pointed out the way. Off we went. Up, up and up hill and it was HOT. It was a nice walk through olive groves with lots of gorgeous views. The walk down was trickier as the rocky path made it kind of slippery. We made it back to Preko where we had lunch. The sun picked that time to hide and it threatened to rain. We walked to the beach anyway since Preko boasts a real sand beach and we hadn’t seen one yet in Croatia. It really IS a nice area and there was practically no one there. The joys of travel during shoulder season! The sun came out and it was hot again so I jumped in. The water was COLD but of course I told Wendy it was nice. She jumped in and SCREAMED. Of course I laughed. A lot. It was refreshing.

The ferry was 38 kn each and well worth it. Back in Zadar we wandered some more, got an ice cream and sat at the Sea organ, enjoying the “music” and people watching. The organ was much louder today as the sea was choppier. When. a boat producing a large wake goes by it’s really loud.

Wednesday. Another bus took us to Plitvice National Park (Nacionalni park Plitvička jezera) Do you like waterfall pictures? If so, that post is for you! It was hard to choose which pictures to post as they’re all gorgeous.

4 thoughts on “Croatia part 2. Zadar, Ugljan island and Preko. The European Adventure continues

  1. Good Morning – we met you briefly during the walking tour of Porto – I think you were just starting El Camino Du Santiago. We are going to be in Estonia – wondering if you’ve ever travelled near there and had recommendations or a blog? Also a packing list? Love your posts


    • Hi Tessa. Porto was a lovely town, wasn’t it? Estonia sounds amazing but no, I’ve never been there. Packing. That is HARD. It totally depends on what the weather’s going to be like. I can tell you what I packed for this trip. 9 weeks in Europe, starting when it’s chilly (8-10 degrees) and ending when it’s hot (30ish). I pair hiking pants, I pair black tights. I( wore another but next time might do jeans) 1 pair capris. I shorts. I skort, 2 light dresses that roll up without wrinkling, 2 scarves (1 would have sufficed) 1 light jacket. 1 rain jacket, 1 light weight sweatshirt. 1 merino long sleeved. 1 collared long sleeve shirt and 1 short sleeve. 1 dressier tee and 2 quick dry tees. A swimsuit. 3 socks, 6 underwear. When I started the trip I wore layers of most of it. Now I’ve got the warmer clothes in a compression packing cube on the bottom of my bag. I keep toiletries to the bare minimum. You can buy most of that stuff anywhere. I have an e-reader (lighter than books), a MacBook Air and just my phone for photos. That’s enough cords :D. Also an adapter that takes a plug and 2 usb chargers. I have a 38 litre backpack and a 15 litre small back pack and that qualifies as carry on so I don’t have to check a bag. Does that help? I should have brought a light bathrobe as I’m staying in a few hostels with shared bathrooms. Oh well. A towel works 😉


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