More of Croatia! Split, Trogir, and Supetar Island

Saturday, May 14, 2022
We said goodbye to our G Adventures group, most of whom were headed to their various home countries over the next few days.

The following is a continuation of the previous post which ended in Split: Croatia! Dubrovnik, Hvar and Split
Our bags packed and on our backs we headed to the apartment we’d rented for the next couple days. The for all seasons apartment was a nice surprise as it’s very roomy, clean and even had a washing machine. Perfect timing as sink washing works for a while but sometimes your clothes really need a good wash.
Most of the day was spent wandering the city and checking out the beaches, even enjoying a drink at Bacvice beach. Wendy’s bus came in just before 5 so we met her so after she settled in we headed back to the palace, finding dinner on the way.
For the next 2 weeks, the 3 of us will be exploring Croatia and Slovenia together.

Turns out there’s a public bus station a 2 minute walk from our place and there’s one that goes to Trogir. Since that’s a world heritage site we figured it had to be worth visiting so off we went, stopping at a bakery for a breakfast sandwich. The bus was 21 Kn each way (about $4) and an hour ride. We spent the next few hours wandering the old city, the fortress and climbing the fortress tower before heading back. By then we were hot, tired and sweaty and looking for something cooler to do so we picked a ferry to Brac island and explored the town of Supetar. Ivan (a famous Croatian sceptre) is buried in a cemetery there in a very odd grave. Find out more about him here: His sculptures are all over the place. He often used his own grumpy face in statues and his wife or mother in female versions. We had dinner there then headed back.

Monday our Croatian adventure took us to Zadar by bus. That’s in the next post.

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