• San Agustin, a UNESCO archeological park and the Tatacoa Dessert

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  • Salento. Tall wax palms, waterfalls; a hiker’s dream. Then onto the white city of Popayan

    3 standard
  • Guatape and Jardin. Both worth more than just a day trip from Medellin, Colombia!

    3 standard
  • Tayrona. A little slice of paradise on Colombia’s Caribbean coast.

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  • Into the Sierra Madre Mountains, coffee, cacao and beautiful Minca

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  • The Colombian journey continues on the Caribbean coast. Cartagena and Rincon

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  • The Colombian journey begins in the jungle. Leticia and the Amazon rain forest, here we come!

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  • 2 Canadians in Tokyo. The beginning and end of a great trip starts in Montreal

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  • Finally seeing the iconic Mount Fuji. Kawaguchi-ko Japan

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  • Getting off the beaten track in Japan; Yakushima!

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