• Still amusing a traveler. How to stretch a 2.7 km hike into a 6.6 km hike. It takes talent!

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  • Keeping a traveler amused in Covid times. It’s a challenge! Warsaw caves

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  • Traveling in my own backyard. Making the most of a pandemic. Let’s explore Ontario!! Algonquin here we come!

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  • Salento. Tall wax palms, waterfalls; a hiker’s dream. Then onto the white city of Popayan

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  • Into the Sierra Madre Mountains, coffee, cacao and beautiful Minca

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  • The Colombian journey continues on the Caribbean coast. Cartagena and Rincon

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  • More of Kyushu, Japan. Kumamoto and Kagoshima

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  • JAPAN! The journey continues into the Kiso Valley. Takayama, Matsumoto, Magome and Tsumago

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  • Cahuita. Caribbean Costa Rica! Just the grandkid and me

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  • Trek Hidden Costa Rica. Into the jungle we go!

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