• Keeping a traveler amused in Covid times. It’s a challenge! Warsaw caves

    1 standard
  • Guatape and Jardin. Both worth more than just a day trip from Medellin, Colombia!

    3 standard
  • Into the Sierra Madre Mountains, coffee, cacao and beautiful Minca

    3 standard
  • More of Kyushu, Japan. Kumamoto and Kagoshima

    4 standard
  • The Japanese journey continues into Kyushu; Hiroshima and Fukuoka

    4 standard
  • Trek Hidden Costa Rica. Into the jungle we go!

    9 standard
  • Budget itinerary for a month in Israel. You CAN do it with public transit!

    2 standard
  • Masada, The Dead Sea and Ein Gedi

    10 standard
  • Trekking in Shan Hills, Kalaw to Inle. Village life in Myanmar!

    5 standard
  • Portuguese Caminho part 2 – Tui to Santiago de Compostela

    4 standard