3 days in Santorini. Is it all it’s cracked up to be? Greece

Our journey continues with G Adventures on the “Best of Greece” tour. Previous posts can be found here. From mainland Greece to Crete. Chania, Agia Roumeli, Loutro and Heraklion
and previous to that here: More of Greece. Kalambaka, Meteora and Monasteries, Delphi and Napflio

Friday, September 10, 2022
After an early breakfast we boarded the ferry from Heraklion, Crete to Santorini . The sea jet ferry was really nice with assigned seats and a very smooth ride. Upon arrival we were picked up and driven the windy road up the cliff. On the corners busses take turns as they’re so sharp. Too early for check in at the Hotel Porto Perissa, we dropped our bags and set off exploring. We ended up at tutti frutti where we enjoyed delicious smoothies. Note that we went back the next day as it was so good.
Porto Perissa hotel has a pool!!! First thing we did was enjoy a refreshing swim. Next we all boarded the public bus and went to Fira, capital of Santorini. After picking up some beverages we walked till we found a good place for sunset pictures. On the way back we stopped for the most delicious pizza I’ve had in a long time. Sour dough crust ! Yum

Saturday. Today we had nothing planned but managed to fill it up anyway. We started with fully exploring Perissa town and the beach. Soon we were hot and bothered so decided to take advantage of the pool and spend some lounge time reading.

At 5 pm we met some of the others and headed off in a wine tasting at Hatzidakis Wintery. Cool story there which you can read about on their site: http://www.hatzidakiswines.gr/to-oinopoieio/taytotita.html It’s interesting to see how the grapes are grown as it’s different than anything I’ve seen before. Santorini vines are kept unstaked and trained low to the ground in a basket shape that helps protect the grapes from the fierce winds and heat of the island. Apparentlly it reduces the need for water as well.
After that we met the rest of the group for a final dinner and said goodbye to most of the group, including Norea who had been a wonderful guide

Sunday we had a full day volcano tour planned which we booked with Ankor travel agency. https://www.ankor.gr/

We met the bus at the Angkor travel agent and were taken to the port where we lined up according to language. The boat was pretty but not terribly comfortable for the number if people on it. Oh well. The view was nice and the trip pleasant. First stop was at the hot springs. We jumped off the boat and swam towards the short where the water is heated by seismic activity underground. It was interesting.
The volcano hike was hot but really good and the guide interesting and informative.

We’d opted to pay an extra 5 euro for the sunset extension only because we hadn’t been to Oia and more time in the boat sounded nice. Big mistake. The boat doesn’t take you to Oia. We got dropped off at the port where we were to take a bus to Oia. There were hundreds of people and it was mass confusion. Oia was just more of Fira but with all kinds of fancily dressed people trying to get instagram shots. We had spent the day climbing a volcano and on a boat so were hot, sweaty and VERY dishevelled. People were lined up at some spots for the “perfect view”! We couldn’t wait to get out of there!! Prices of food were nuts so we had an expensive ice cream served by a snotty man and went to find our bus back. Don’t even bother with sunset. Rice lake has better ones anyway. Again we got a run around either the bus. Finally got back to our room, showered off the sweat and crashed

Monday. Our first day without the group. The taxi picked us up and took us back down the windy road to the port where we caught the ferry to Folegandros. The Ferry Hopper app is a must if you’re going to do any island hopping. Not only can you make and track all your reservations through it but you can track your ferry too. That’s very helpful in knowing what time it’s actually arriving and departing. Boarding passes for most ferries can be stored there as well. Find that here: https://www.ferryhopper.com/ If you’re flexible with your dates you can find cheaper ferries.

As soon as we got off the ferry at the port of Folegandros we felt the difference in the vibe. Sooo much calmer and relaxed! Santorini is pretty but ugh; So many people! Santorini is beautiful and definitely a “must see” but …. not my favourite place in Greece. You might feel differently.

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