Finding new sights in my own backyard. The Ganaraska Trail! Maybe I can walk to the Bruce Trail?

Anita and I are on a mission not to miss out on traveling by doing as much as we can close to home.  The previous post can be found here:   Still amusing a traveler. How to stretch a 2.7 km hike into a 6.6 km hike. It takes talent!

Cori messaged, asking if we wanted to join her on a hike on the Ganaraska Trail and these travelers jumped at the chance to hike a trail we’d never heard of.  Interestingly it starts in Port Hope and goes 500 km to meet the Bruce Trail.  No, we didn’t plan on doing the whole thing. The piece Cori said is her favourite follows an old railway bed just North of Port Hope.

We met Cori and drove to the 4th line where she parked her car and hopped into Anita’s.  Then we drove to the 6th line where we parked and started the trail South.

I forgot to record the trail till we’d been walking awhile.  We took our time, enjoying the scenery and the history all around us and took about 1.5 hours to walk the 5 ish km   All trails hike recording

Most of the leaves are down which makes it a beautiful carpet

Bunch of goof balls.

Funky bridge. It was slippery and looked like it wouldn’t hold a lot of weight so …. one at a time and don’t gain weight.

Careful Cori!

A former railway track makes for a nice, flat trail

If this trail piques your interest, there are maps and lots of information on this site: Ganaraska Hiking Trail



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