Negros. Zamboanguita and White Chocolate hills

March 27- 30, 2017 Negros Island

After some beach walking and tricycle negotiating we headed for the ferry terminal where we waited in line for an ocean jet ticket to Dumaguette. We’d just started heading to the line to pay for the terminal fee when a security guard asked Sue how old she is, took our tickets and took off. We followed him to the front of the line, finished the transaction and he took us to check in. Wow. Age has it’s benefits!

Once in Dumaguette we negotiated some more. The tricycle driver insisted we’d wait a LONG time for a bus so we paid a few extra dollars for him to take us all the way to Zamboanguita and the White Chocolate Hills resort. Another nice surprise! Our little hut was just steps off the beach, had a little porch, lots of air flow and our own bathroom. No hot water but that’s not really necessary here.

I’d asked about diving as I really wanted to see sea horses and apparently that’s not really possible from the surface. Maria took me out from shore and we didn’t have to go very deep (4-6 metres) which is perfect for me. We lucked out and spotted 3 of the, one white which is apparently rare. Later Sue and I snorkeled in the marine sanctuary just to the right of the resort.

The pool called us one day and we wandered around the pretty town of Zamboanguita where we chatted with various friendly people along the way. A couple of teenage boys seemed quite intrigued by our visit and welcomed us to the Philippines. Another man answered our questions about a gathering happening in the local hall. Children, adults…..everyone said “hello, good afternoon” and asked where we were from and where we’re going. We saw the usual goats, cows, pigs and of course roosters everywhere. People actually have lawns here but you never see a lawn mower. That’s what goats are for. Roosters are kept for cock fighting. 😦 That and karaoke seem to be the most popular thing for Filipinos to do in their spare time.

White sea horse

White sea horse

Puffer fish

Puffer fish

Shell hunting

Hunting for shells

Roosters for cock fighting


White chocolate hills

White Chocolate Hills

Boat on a beach

She WAS waving at me!

Black sand

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