Grampian National Park, Southern Australia

Feb 6

Dingo made us pancakes today on what he called a barbecue but is really a grill. They were a nice treat!

We travelled the rest of the Great Ocean Road today and enjoyed many spectacular views. After a stop in Wooramburo for groceries and supplies we headed into Grampions National Park where we learned more about the Koori people, one of the many Aboriginal tribes of Australia. Apparently Aussie natives were treated no better than Canadian natives. 😦

We learned more about wild fires, a natural yet devastating occurrence that happens often in this area.

Today’s hike was straight up hill again. Sue was really wilting in the heat so decided to stop part way up. I was just as happy to join her and sit near a cool cave enjoying the birds and quiet of the trail. We were rewarded by being joined by a bright red parrot. The rest of the group climbed all the way to the top and we joined them on the trek down.

On the way back we met up with a bunch of kangaroos so followed them for a bit taking pictures and walked the rest of the way to the hostel. After checking in, Dingo barbecued kangaroo burgers that we topped off with traditional (so he says) toppings like pineapple, beets and fried egg. Some of us enjoyed the irony of eating kangaroo while watching them hop around the yard.

Feb 7

Yay for a “lie in” until 6:30 am! After a gourmet breakfast of peanut butter, nutella AND banana sandwich we set off.

‘Our first stop was a lovely hike in Grampion National park where we saw lots of kangaroos, a deer and a kookaburra I managed to video while one was “laughing” It’s such a great sound that you can’t help but laugh along. We drove up Mount Washington to enjoy the view. Wimpy, I know as we should have walked but at 9:30 am it’s already really hot.

Next was stop at a sink hole which has been converted to a beautiful garden and then a stop to view the most beautiful bright blue lake. Appaerently there’s an option to go for a swim here but now the temperature chooses to drop and I’ve got to be hot to swim. Bummer.

Our hostel tonight is an old jail in Mt Grampion. It’s got lots of character and is privately owned by a nice young couple who prepared a great pasta meal for us.

The tediously slow wifi is driving me nuts so after waiting forever just to upload 2 photos, I’m going to bed IMG_6376

Carrying the Olympic torch??

Carrying the Olympic torch??

I can see for miles and miles....

I can see for miles and miles….


Mount washington

Mount washington

IMG_6422 IMG_6421

Our alarm clock

Our alarm clock

Barbecuing kangaroo burgers.  YUM!

Barbecuing kangaroo burgers. YUM!

Mama and joey kangaroo

Mama and joey kangaroo

Racing a kangaroo.  The kangaroo gave up :)

Racing a kangaroo. The kangaroo gave up 🙂


Going up amongst the rocks in Grampian National park.

Going up amongst the rocks in Grampian National park.

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