My bags are packed ….

I’m ready to go!

What does one pack for extended travel? Packing light is not as easy as it sounds but is imperative when you’re planning on being constantly on the move.  Budget airlines charge extra for checked luggage so traveling on a limited budget means taking as little as possible. Every item is double checked. Is the size and weight of that worth carrying on my back on the bus and up 5 flights of stairs?

Here is what I’ve come up with:


Packing cubes are great for keeping things organized. In my carry on sized back pack I’ve got 7 shirts that can be worn in layers for most kinds of weather, 4 pairs of shorts, 1 pair of light pants, a long sleeved shirt and pajamas. For shoes I wear my hikers and carry 1 pair of sandals and flip flops for using public showers. I’ve packed 2 swimsuits, a towel, cords for electronics, power converter, clothes line,  flat sink plug duct tape, flashlight, etc., plus the toiletry bag with liquids packed separately in an easily accessible pocket on the bag.

IMG_5853_peMy camera bag contains my dslr with one extra lens and a water proof point and shoot. Everything I’ll need on the plane like snacks, laptop, e-reader, pillow, eye shade, ear plugs, pens, documents and assorted meds for emergencies are also in there as this bag goes under the seat.  On the plane I wear a shirt, light hoodie, jacket with lots of pockets and a scarf which are also multipurpose items I can use on the road.

So that’s how I hope to travel for two months with carry on luggage only. We’ll see how that works for me 🙂

April 11, 2014

The question is now after the trip is finished, did I pack properly?  I can honestly say that yes, I did.  I loved my suitcase.  There were a couple of times wheels would have come in handy but I don’t think they’re worth the added weight.  The clothing I packed worked out great and I certainly didn’t need any more.  I lost one shirt and bought two $5 tee shirts.  For a dressier shirt I had brought a sleeveless shirt and I think for next time I’d also bring a light cardigan as I’m always chilly in the evening a hoody certainly isn’t dressy.  A scarf can dress up pretty much anything plus add extra warmth.  It also came in handy as a hair towel now and then.

Again I was reminded that one doesn’t need to bring a lot of toiletries.  Use shampoo as body wash.  You can pick up pretty much anything you need on the road somewhere.  In dorms when I met others with huge packs I was thankful that I packed light.  The bigger the pack, the harder it is to find things and the more mess you make every time you move, which, for me was pretty much daily.

My pack is a convertible suitcase, duffel with back pack straps.  It wouldn’t be comfortable to carry long distances but that’s not what I wanted it for.  It was comfortable enough to walk around Melbourne for an hour with everything attached to me when I couldn’t find my hostel 🙂

This trip was for two and a half months and I could have traveled much longer without needing any more.  The simpler and lighter the better!


8 thoughts on “My bags are packed ….

    • It’s an 11″ asus, the pink skinny thing in the camera bag. It slides right in there. There’s actually still some wiggle room in both bags as I wear layers on the plane (including a jacket) that will have to fit. The bag extends a couple inches but I’d rather not use that unless I have to 🙂


  1. Excellent! I’ve never seen a back pack like that. I have an 8″ asus, John showed me I could use that as an ereader, instead of having the Kobo Vox and a laptop 😀 Have a great trip. xoxo


    • Yes, I searched long and hard for the bag. It weighs about 3 lbs. The straps all tuck away and it’s got lots of pockets. I bring an e-reader as there’s not enough battery power on the laptop AND I like to read in bed before sleep. I don’t want to take a laptop to the beach either.


    • You are the only one who noticed!! LOL Underwear are the only thing I don’t skimp on. I packed 10 pair just in case and 4 pairs of socks. I don’t plan on wearing socks much 😀


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