Are you a princess?

Are we becoming a nation of self absorbed people with a sense of entitlement? Is narcissism running rampant?  Is it just me seeing more and more signs of this in my every day life?

Today I cleaned a cottage after a group of 5 people had used it for 3 nights.  It was disgustingly filthy.  Sadly that’s not unusual after a long weekend.  Do they believe they are royalty entitled to having “somebody” clean up after them?  Who do they think that “somebody” is?

Yesterday I went to Walmart, parked my car and noticed a bunch of carts on a grassy area.  Some one had to LIFT them up there rather than walk 20 feet or so to put it in the cart return.  Why?  Do they believe they’re special and shouldn’t need to bother putting their cart away?  ”Somebody” will do it for them.  My son took one and I took another and brought them into the store with us.  The greeter noticed and told me where the carts go.  ”I know”, I replied, “I just brought it in to use it.”  She was amazed and we got into a conversation about people who believe Walmart employees are there to clean up after them.

While shopping I noticed  items in the wrong place on several occasions.  Someone must have picked it up and decided later they didn’t want it so rather than put it away, they just dropped it in the most convenient location.  Again, “somebody” will put it away but it’s beneath ME to do so?  The worst was the nice ham in the cleaning supplies aisle.  I picked it up and it was still cold so I put it where it belonged, knowing that if an employee found it, they’d be obliged to throw it away.  What a waste!  Simply because some one was too lazy to put it away.

Are you one of these people?  If so, do you LIKE paying more for merchandise?  ”SOMEBODY” is getting paid to clean up after you.  The business for which they work is in business to make MONEY.  Therefore, the cost of  operating the store will be reflected in the cost of merchandise which you, as the end user, will pay.  It’s simple economics folks.

It also shows a complete disregard for others.  Why should someone clean up after you when you’re fully capable of doing so for yourself?  When you leave your cottage clean, it shows me that you respect my time and you care that I don’t think you’re a slob, because, believe me, we remember :)

You may think this has little to do with travel and doesn’t belong here but I beg to differ.  When you travel, you represent your nation.  That is a huge responsibility.  I’ve spoken to tour leaders and hospitality hosts on the road and asked them what their opinions were of various nationalities.  They all have them but are hesitant to share.  Think about how you treat people when you’re on the road.  Think about how you’re representing your country.  Don’t be that guy that everyone remembers for the wrong reasons.


March 27, 2014

After spending the last two months travelling Australia and New Zealand and staying in various hostels along the way, this post has new meaning.  For the most part, the experience has been a good one.  Hostels are fun and a great way to meet fellow travellers.   The strangers with whom I’ve shared dorm rooms are usually considerate.  Then there’s the girl who has to get up at 5:30 am and makes no preparations the night before.  Instead, she turns on all the lights and wakes everyone up so she can sort her suit case.  Usually dorm dwellers are good at sneaking in noiselessly when they come in after others are asleep but there’s the odd princess who slams doors, giggles loudly and plays with the blow dryer at 1 am.  Most keep their belongings reasonably tidy in their little space but there’s the odd slob who’s stuff is spread far and wide and you’ve got to pick your way to find your bunk.  Then there are the kitchens.  *SIGH*  I’ve often felt sorry for the staff who have to clean up after some people.  Again, most are good but some people’s idea of clean dishes leave a lot to be desired.

Again, don’t be “that guy”.  Clean up after yourself.  Be considerate.  Do your best to consider how your behaviour affects others.  If we all did that, hostels would be an even better experience!

9 thoughts on “Are you a princess?

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  3. Just started reading your blog! Ty for the info, pics and humor! I wonder though do you travel with protection? How do you know which hostels are safe? Do you plan your trips or just go by the seat of your pants when you get to your destination? Thank you for any and all replies as I am trying to get out of the fear mode of traveling alone.


    • I usually travel with a friend but even solo I don’t bring anything. I’m not one to go out at night and just try to make wise choices. So far I’ve been lucky even travelling to “ dangerous “ places like Cape town or Bogotá Listen to locals. They will often tell you what areas to stay away from
      I like to plan and check hostels reviews and such before booking. They’re often closer to the things you want to than hotels
      I’ve always wanted to do a spontaneous trip and currently doing one but in Canada so that doesn’t really count. Lol. 😂. For me planning us half the fun!


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