2 thoughts on “Child Beggars And The Travellers Dillemma.

  1. Hi Jodi. Don’t know what I am doing wrong but when I click on “read more”,(on the child beggars and travel) nothing comes up. I read the first part of the Mexico trip and photos but nothing on this part….anyhow, I am out for the day so will check it tonight again. I do enjoy your blog and photos and I think you need to write for a travel magazine or National Geographic…always.great photos and you are a very good writer. You could make $$$$$. Have a good day. nancy

    On Mon, May 15, 2017 at 8:46 AM, Where in the world is Grandma? wrote:

    > Jodi posted: “Source: Child Beggars And The Travellers Dillemma.” >


  2. Thanks Nancy 😀 Maybe my next career? 😉 I didn’t write this article. I “pressed” it as I think it’s well done and talks about something I feel very strongly. It really bothers me when tourism affects a place or it’s people negatively. Below the title you can click on the link beside “source” That takes you to the blog “Bemused backpacker” who wrote the article.


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