More of Germany. Moving North from Fussen to Munich and Frankfurt

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We’re running out of time on our European adventure and aren’t able to get to as many places as we’d hoped. Though we’re not fans of big cities, they ARE easier to get to. To break up the journey back to Brussels we opted to spend a night in Munich and one in Frankfurt. It would have been nice to have more time to get out and visit the smaller towns but I guess that will have to be another trip

Saturday, June 4, 2022. We were able to use our 9 euro travel ticket to take the train from Fussen to Munich. There we checked into Hotel Andra, dropped off our bags and took our host’s advice on where to buy train tickets. For some reason, the flix bus app stopped accepting my credit card so I wasn’t able to book one last transit. After figuring that out we set off to explore this noisy, dirty very PEOPLY city. There appeared to be quite a few pre-wedding parties going on. A few times we ran into groups of young men singing and shouting. People around them found it amusing. The groups of girls were much tamer. the old city of Munich is beautiful but there are way too many people for me. This isn’t even high season! Just so you know, if you want to see the glockenspiel clock go off, you have to be there at 11, 12 or 5 pm. We had dinner at the restaurant right in front of it, hoping to see it but were too late. I thought it would go every hour like the one in Prague. Nope. Missed it 😦

Sunday, June 6. We got to the train station early to get some coffee and breakfast and took the flix train to Frankfurt. That let us out at the south station so we walked the 2 km to the Munchner Hof hotel. It’s a nice hotel and very clean but in a scuzzy neighbourhood. For one night it’s fine. We headed to the old city and happened upon a boat cruise so decided to take it. A couple of hours up and down the river with commentary on various buildings and bridges was a nice way to spend the afternoon, if a little boring. Frankfurt isn’t terribly interesting. For dinner we found an “authentic” restaurant so we could have schnitzel and green sauce and try the apfelwien. Both were good. The old city is gorgeous and buildings beautiful but once you get out of the tourist zone it’s dirty. I don’t know if it’s just because it’s Sunday but there were a lot of people drinking on the streets. Butts, garbage and glass littered the streets and the smell of urine hit me in several areas, despite the recent rain.

Monday. We thought we could do some shopping since we’re nearing the end of the trip but apparently it’s WhitsunMonday which is a holiday. So we just spent the day wandering, people watching and enjoyed a delicious piece of strawberry cheesecake for lunch.

Then we picked up our bags and boarded the flix bus to Brussels.

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