BoKaap! Colourful Cape Town. Assalamualakum


Feb 26th

At breakfast we looked up to find the mountain socked in with clouds. It’s like it disappeared.

We headed off on a walking tour of the BoKaap (meaning top of Cape) region. It was originally a place for Muslim slaves. We met a local man painting a bench who told us 20 years ago he would have just robbed as as times were so tough. Now things are much better and the neighbourhood is multicultural, though still predominantly Muslim.

“Assalamualakum” means “”Peace be upon you and is a traditional greeting in the Muslim community.

What would you think are the 3 most visited places in ALL of the African continent? We learned that it’s # The V&A waterfront. #2 The pyramids of Giza and # 3 Table Mountain. That’s kind of sad isn’t it? Of all the wonders in Africa, the thing people visit the most is a basically a shopping mall. Nuts. It’s pretty there for sure and we spent a few hours there but to be #1??? CRAZY! How about Kruger? The Serengetti? Victoria Falls? There are SO many amazing places in Africa!

After a stint of more planning for onward travel, we went back to the BoKaap district to try one of the restaurants our guide Rico suggested. Bobotie is a rice and minced meat dish which we found quite delicious. Rico was right 😀


Coloured houses of BoKaap. R


Local man taking time out from painting to tell us stories.


Table mountain wearing it’s table cloth behind the coloured houses of BoKaap


Just going for a walk


Mosque in BoKaap, Cape Town


Minaret through a fence

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