Blyde River Canyon, South Africa

It’s light at 5 am and the birds make a racket so one might as well get up. After packing up the sleeping mat, bag, pillow, backpack, etc I got to enjoy a leisurely breakfast as we weren’t leaving till 7:30 am. The elephant family came to visit again and brought their baby this time. The way the bathrooms were situated, I could have sat on the toilet and watched them.

Elephant visiting while I'm in the shower

Elephant visiting while I’m in the shower

The views along the way were spectacular. Banana, fruit, olive plantations dot the landscape along with forests of huge trees and steep inclines difficult for the poor truck to climb. God must have closed the curtains as we saw nothing but fog from God’s Window, a beautiful view point at 2,000′ above sea level, but the hike was still gorgeous through the rain forest.

Blyde River canyon is the third largest canyon in the world (365 km long) and views from it WERE spectacular as the sun made an appearance there. We stopped a few more times a various vantage points for some fantastic photo opportunities.

The grocery stop was at one of South Africa’s massive malls so Sue and I attempted to find wifi. Even in the zone we weren’t able to connect.

Tonight’s campsite had lush green grass which was a nice change. The kitchen area was VERY nicely set up, complete with a fridge, sinks and counter tops. Dinner of lamb chops, sausage, mashed potatoes and veggies was amazing again. Mama Florence is a great cook so no one is going hungry.

I clocked in over 18,000 steps today so earned my dinner 🙂

IMG_9160_pe rainforest Rain forest IMG_9165_pe

Blyde River Canyon

Blyde River Canyon

Blyde River Canyon Blyde River Canyon Blyde River Canyon Blyde River Canyon

Blyde River Canyon

Blyde River Canyon

4 thoughts on “Blyde River Canyon, South Africa

    • Actually, I’ve always been VERY afraid of heights and still struggle with it. It’s one of many fears I’ve learned to overcome. I tell myself “DON’T OVER THINK IT” and keep going 😀


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