West Coast New Zealand, Punakaki, Pancake rocks and seals


There's no Toronto sign :(

There’s no Toronto sign 😦

View from the point past the seal colony.  Wow!

View from the point past the seal colony. Wow!

Weka (not a kiwi) :)

Weka (not a kiwi) 🙂

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Cute little New Zealand fur seal

Cute little New Zealand fur seal

One of the views along the west coast road

One of the views along the west coast road

Our motley crew

Our motley crew


Monday, March 24

Since no one signed up for optional activities we had a relaxing morning and Simon even made some of us poached eggs on toast. Luxury.

The first stop was the town of Greymouth where we all went on a search for something to wear for Wacky Wednesday. Could be interesting. A little futher down the road we drove over a bridge that was actually a railroad track …a little scary

We stopped in a small town for a tour of a Jade (green stone) factory where they’ve been fortunate to stock pile the stone before the cessation of mining in the 1990’s after the rights to the land were given back to the Maori.

After a brief lunch stop at a lake along the way we headed to Z Franz Joseph, one of 16 national parks in New Zealand and home of the glaciers.

Since we arrived early, we checked into various activities and then went for a walk to see the glacier. The clouds nicely parted enough for us to get a view of it. Considering the weather forecast, that’s all we might get so we were pretty thrilled.


The path to our cottage in the rain forest


Another place I could have stayed longer….



Only tourists take photos of cows?



Jumping for joy?



Lots of wave action

Lots of wave action



Cooperative dinner preparations

Cooperative dinner preparations

Sunset over the ocean

Sunset over the ocean


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