Darwin, Kakadu and Litchfield National parks. Waterfalls and rainforest.

Feb 20

I awoke to jungle sounds and sunshine! We’re incredibly lucky as this has a been their rainiest wet season in a long time. Everything is flooded and you can’t swim the usual places as crocs have moved in. It’s obvious why we’re in a 4WD bus that’s really high as we travel down flooded roads deep into Kakadu National park.

Our first hike was a short one up a rock to a lookout with a fantastic view of Kakadu. 9 am and a bathing suit top and shorts is still too many clothes. On the way to the next one we sopped to see if Heath could find a particular grasshopper. Lucky again as he found one and it was a beauty! Further into the park and down roads you’d definitely need the 4wd drive as there were rivers running across we came to the next hike. 3Km in was a beautiful waterfall which. Heat assured us had no crocs despite earlier warning signs. We had a great time playing in the water and taking silly photos. Some opted to keep going higher but i was happy playing in the water. ,Sue, Mollie, Zoe and I enjoyed the place till they got back and walked back to the bus where lunch was wraps and leftovers from last night’s barbecue. Heath found another nest of the green bum ants and crushed them up in some leaves. We all got to smell it and Zoe inhaled it as it helps clear your sinuses. She said it really worked.

Back in the bus and a brief stop for fuel which meant … ice cream! I’d already lost my maxi bon virginity, an absolutely awesome Aussie treat and today I got a Golden gay something or other which was almost as wonderful.

Our accommodation this night was another one of those box things which is very comfy…. as long as the AC continues to work. First priority was silly photos on a broken jeep and a man offered to take some for us. Heath came by and told the random man to get in and we took more. Everyone needs an authentic Aussie in a photo or two..

After more pool antics during which we watch storm clouds brew in, I headed for a shower. It felt so nice to be clean! Then came the rain.

Sebastian asked to use my computer as he had an issue with his flight. After some research he realized he had the date wrong and was flying TONIGHT, not tomorrow! Uh oh. He tried to change it to no avail and went to get his bag and figure out how to get to Darwin. The lock on his room door jammed, That took several guys several tools to figure out and finally Sebastian climbed through the window and opened it from the inside. He and Heath scrambled to find him a ride. No one was going to Darwin so he had to call a taxi, very expensive but no other options. Then the taxi driver called that the storm had raised the flood level and he couldn’t get through. So, he ended up paying a fisherman staying here to take him across the river in his 4WD to meet the taxi. Apparently yesterday the road was closed to trucks weighing more than 4.5 kg so that limited his options as well as there aren’t any truckers to hitch a ride wit. Hopefully he caught his flight. Now THAT is a travel story!

Our truck weighs 4.5 kg ….empty. So, we may have to walk behind it.

Heath made us a great green curry stir fry for dinner (with our help of course) we sat around chatting for a bit in various languages (mostly German) and went to bed. I climbed on it the top bunk and my bum just about went through the slats. Sue thought it would be funny if I got stuck. Nice. 😛

I’ve learned to say “you’re an idiot” in Chinese and “butterfly” in German. Yay me 🙂

Bored of group photos, we decided frolicking was in order.

Bored of group photos, we decided frolicking was in order.


Termites building nests on top of these pants 🙂

Cute little lizard

Cute little lizard

Typical sign

Typical sign

Most of the roads are closed and many of those open require 4wd

Most of the roads are closed and many of those open require 4wd

We had no idea who he was but he decorates the jeep well. We had no idea who he was but he decorates the jeep well.[/caption]

View of Kakadu

View of Kakadu

Feb 21

On the road by 7 am having had breakfast and everything, we headed for Litchfield National Park and the termite mounds. There are several different kinds, all of which are very strange and fascinating. Next was a stop at a waterfall which was toi flooded to swim in. The next waterfall was beautiful and a 2 km hike in. Although it too was flooded we swam anyway and had such fun trying to swim the current and taking silly photos. The hike out was really nice with a stop to visit some flying foxes. I only had my waterproof camera so couldn’t get a decent photo. Most of the bridges had been swept away and the path flooded in many areas. Heath had never seen it so bad.
Back at the bus we set up lunch, well, the other’s did. I grabbed my good camera to go and take some fun shots of the waterfall. Then came back for a gourmet sandwich.
Back on the bus we headed for the last waterfall of the day which was spectacular.
Heath left us in Darwin by 5 pm and, after sorting our bags for a flight, trying to get some internet time at McDonald’s we joined the others for our “last supper”. After sad good byes Lena, Sue, Yvonne and I got in a taxi and headed for the airport. I’m going to miss this bunch. We had SUCH fun together!



Yes, we are very strong and doing a good job of holding up that rock


Holding onto a boulder so we don’t float away

Jess likes to photo bomb water fall pictures.  Why not?

Jess likes to photo bomb water fall pictures. Why not?


Before going for a swim, goofy pictures on a rusty jeep are a must

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