• Masada, The Dead Sea and Ein Gedi

    10 standard
  • 5 days in Jerusalem! The old city, Yad Vashem and Palestine!

    6 standard
  • Singapore. The beginning and the end of a great trip to Asia!

    2 standard
  • 8 days in Sri Lanka. A whirlwind tour of ruins, landscapes, a safari, beaches and WHALES!

    8 standard
  • Sri Lanka! Sailing the south coast with dolphins and great blue whales

    3 standard
  • Flores; Komodo National park. Dragons and sea creatures! Indonesia at it’s best

    4 standard
  • Bali, Beaches, monkeys and Rice Terraces

    1 standard
  • Georgetown, Penang; 3 days isn’t long enough!

    3 standard
  • Pulau Weh, snorkeler’s paradise! Andaman Sea meets Indian Ocean

    4 standard
  • 3 days on Samosir Island, Lake Toba, Sumatra

    5 standard