Melbourne, Australia.

So begins my first attempt at extended travel. I’ve got 2.5 months to see Australia and New Zealand. Other posts are blog items. You can search for specific destinations or look at January, February and March of 2014. Happy travels!

Good thing I managed to get on an earlier flight as I just managed to beat a huge snowstorm.  Scoring an earlier flight out of London too meant I got to spend a few hours in Singapore which is a wonderful place to spend some time.s IMG_5875_pe IMG_5876_pe

IMG_5885     It’s got lots of gardens including wonderful butterfly conservatory which even has a waterfall. There are loungers where you can sleep, get a massage and plenty of places to recharge.  I sat beside this tranquil koi pond and played on the internet.  If Pearson were like this people wouldn’t get so upset when their flights were cancelled. 🙂

After finally arriving in Melbourne, I had no problem finding the bus but once at my stop, my overtired brain wasn’t working and I couldn’t find the directions I’d printed so thought I’d just ask.  Silly me. After asking 3 different store clerks I finally asked a young woman on the street. She wasn’t from Melbourne but looked it up on her phone. Between the two of us we figured out I had gone in completely the wrong direction. Lots of fun.  The bonus was chatting with various people on the way, many of whom were very proud Australians. Great to see!

January 26 is Australia Day. I got to celebrate like an Aussie which was great fun as I never get to  celebrate Canada Day.

The parade was unique. There were no floats but lots of bands, choirs and groups of people exemplifying the multicultural society that makes up Australia.

There were lots of fun groups including the “Shirleys”. Yup. Just a group of women named Shirley.

Of course, representing the Thai community wouldn’t be complete without a lady boy.  He played his part well.IMG_5886_pe IMG_5890_pe

Next we we took the Myki (tram) to St. Kilda’s and spent the afternoon the beach.  It was crowded with revelers but a gorgeous day.  Our splurge was a fish taco on the pier.  Tasty, but expensive.

IMG_5905_peWe’ve decided frequenting grocery stores and making our own food is the way to go. A barbecued hamburger on the roof top was made even more enjoyable with the company of a bunch of young men on a stag weekend. Great entertainment 🙂

January 27

We hopped 0n the free tram and made our way to confederation square and the visitor’s centre.  From there we embarked on a walking tour of the riverside and parks.  The 6 km tour ended up being more like 10 km with all our “side trails” with the only break being a very expensive soft drink at a cafe.  By the time we got back to the visitor’s centre we were drenched with sweat.  Apparently it was 38 degrees. Dry or not, that’s warm.

We took the rest of the city tour on the tram, got some groceries and had a break with a tim tam and gatorade.  Neither of us understand the big hype with tim tams. It’s a cookie, an Aussie treat and we’ve done it 🙂IMG_5902_pe IMG_5900_pe IMG_5931_pe IMG_5923 IMG_5922_pe This is the first post in my 5 week trip through Australia. For more, click on the “categories” button on the right and scroll down to Australia.


St Kilda’s beach





Harbour at St Kilda’s







Along the Yarra River


















The Botanical Gardens

18 thoughts on “Melbourne, Australia.

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  2. Tim Tams!! Love them…lol!! Tried them for the first time in NZ thanks to my lovely Aussie friends. So awesome that you were around for Australia Day! Made the first day even more special and memorable I bet!


    • Hi Mike and Devin! I’m having a great time and meeting some really nice people. Sue and I will spend tomorrow catching up and will post more on the blog. It’s been a pretty intense few days with very little down time. Now we’re doing laundry before bed and catching up on email. We fly to Melbourne tomorrow where we’ll meet our G adventures group. Take care!


  3. Sorry we missed you Devins been sick for a few days but better now we’re sick of snow now we are happy you’re having fun gone curling now back later Ahh take care


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