5 days on Milos. Beaches! Food! Amazing Geology! Even a few ruins.

My sister and I are wrapping up a month long trip to Greece that started with a group tour with G Adventures. That was an amazing tour that ended in Santorini. From there we took a ferry to Folegandros, a very different island to Santorini and Crete. Now on Milos which again is different. Just goes to show you need to visit ALL the islands!

The post on Folegandros can be found here: The journey through Greece continues with some island hopping. Folegandros, here we come!

16 Sep 2022

Thursday. After a leisurely start to our day we packed up and boarded the slow ferry to Milos. 7.50 euros each. Nice! Milos was much busier than Folegandros!! We found Prevena studios where Evgenia met us and showed us our room. She gave us LOTS of info on where to eat, what to do , etc. very nice! She suggested we go to the port and choose a boat to tour around the island after going for lunch at Oxamos. (Also called Oh Hamos) So we did. Lunch was as good as she said it would be

We settled on Captain Yiangos as it was 45 euro for the same itinerary others were asking 110-130 for. The difference is his boat can take 60 people and others around 16. The others also provide 2 meals and an open bar. We figured we’d have to eat and drink a lot for the difference.
Arrangements made, we spent ready if the day at Papikinou beach as it’s a 5 minute walk from our room. Then we picked up groceries to make breakfast for the next few days, went out for ice cream and called it a night .
Friday: Captain Yiangos turned out to be a great choice! There were only about 30 people on board and the bigger boat handled the rough waters in some places much better than the smaller ones. Captain Stavros is an amazing navigator who got the ship really close to any interesting geologic formation he wanted to show us. There were a LOT of them. There were several swimming spots as well as areas only accessible by boat, including the infamous Kleftiko and the towering basalt rocks of Glaronissia
We stopped in Kimonos for lunch which was really nice.
The boat trip was over 8 hours long and excellent. I highly recommend it but make sure you book it as soon as possible upon arrival as the weather is fickle. When winds come in there are areas of the island you can’t get to.

Saturday. It’s still so hot. We took the bus to the catacombs. Sort of. The bus drops you off on the road and you walk down as well to see Aphrodite and the amphitheater. Coming back up was torture as we were dripping with sweat.

We headed into Plaka and stopped for a lemonade. At 5 euro, it was stupid expensive but we were parched and the water we brought was warm. It just wasn’t cutting it. We continued up hill and managed to climb to the top of the castle where we spent some time enjoying the view. After visiting some shops we headed back to the bus. While trying to figure out where to catch it we saw it pull up across the road. The driver gestured us to come and held it for us! How nice is that? Back in Adamas we had a gyro for lunch and headed for the beach to cool off

Sunday is a day of rest so we took the bus to polonia and sept the day on the beach.

Monday. We’d forgotten grocery stores are closed Sunday so didn’t get anything for breakfast. So we had to go out. haha We caught the bus to Sarakiniko where we wandered around taking pictures of the strange, white, almost lunar landscape.

Caves there were carved by some kind of mining and are fun to explore. Too bad some of them seem to have been used by tourists as toilets.

The bus took us back to town where caught the next one for Firiplaka beach. It’s a bit of a trek getting down the hill but it’s totally worth it as the beach is beautiful. There we rented chairs and spent the afternoon reading, swimming and walking.

Being our last night in the islands, we treated ourselves to a nice dinner at Nostos where we both had stuffed squid. Ooh it was delicious. They even gave us a complimentary dessert. I love the way they do that here. It’s just enough to satisfy the sweet tooth after a meal without getting over stuffed

Tuesday we took our time having coffee on our porch, packing up and wandered about town. We stopped at a bakery for a nice coffee and a treat and visited a few shops before boarding the ferry for Athens. Sea Jet ferries aren’t cheap but they’re really comfortable and a great way to travel.

The last post goes back to the first about Athens as that’s where we ended our trip as well. We really enjoyed the trip to Greece. It’s a lot bigger and has more to see than I imagined. That’s often the case, isn’t it? One day I’ll come back as I have yet to see Corfu and there are a lot more islands to visit.

Athens: Greece. It all begins and ends in Athens!

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